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Database Credentials and Authentication Modes


Products such as Tricerat's Simplify Suite typically use either Windows credentials or SQL Server credentials for authentication and to secure access to Microsoft SQL Server databases.
For version 6.3 (and later), Tricerat supports a new authentication mode called Static Windows Authentication.
This document describes how Tricerat products implement database credentials and authentication.


In this mode, Windows credentials are used to secure connections to Tricerat databases. The credentials used are separate from individual users' Windows logon credentials.

Product Support

This matrix shows the database authentication modes supported for Tricerat products:

Why No 'Windows Authentication Supported'?


For Simplify Suite, interactive programs such as Simplify Console are launched by logged-on users. For other Tricerat products, there is no 'logged-on Windows user'. ScrewDrivers Print Server, for example, is an unattended process that runs in the background but needs database access when Print Job Reporting is configured.

Installation Dialogs

During installation, every Tricerat product is 'database aware'. If a product or a selected feature requires database access, the installer prompts for database access credentials.


Here's an example of a Service Based Printers installation dialog on a Windows 2012 R2 Server machine showing the configuration options:

Microsoft SQL Server Configuration