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Current Release

Version 7.2.0 was released in April 2022 and is the latest production releasehas been succeeded by newer versions..



Before installing this version, your Tricerat Licensing Server must be upgraded to v5.4.9.16 or later!  The upgrade to v5.4.9.16 Tricerat Licensing Server needs to be completed before upgrading any server session agent to avoid license checkout issues!  See this page for upgrade instructions: Upgrading Your License Server  The latest version is v5.4.9.16

Version 7 products are not compatible with version 6 activation codes. You will need new activation codes for version 7 products. Please contact your Salesperson for more information.



Before installing this version, you must install the .Net 4.8 Runtime. Failure to do so will prevent license activation of a nodelocked license and all UI’s will fail to run due to its dependency on this version of .Net.



Version 7 Deployment and Platform Changes:

  • All support for any 32bit OS has been dropped.

  • All support for Desktop OS’s prior to Windows 10 and Server OS’s prior to 2012 R2 have been dropped.

  • .Net 4.8 Must be installed prior to any Version 7 installer. Because it is no longer installed as a Windows Feature it cannot be included directly in our installers as a pre-requisite.

  • All high-permission requirement database actions (create, init and update) for Pro and Enterprise are moved to a separate installer that is run once per environment. This installer is called ScrewDriversDatabase_7.2.0.<build>_x64.exe. The main installer ScrewDriversProOrEnterprise_7.2.0.<build>_x64.exe now only requires basic read and write access to the Tricerat database.

  • Authorization for ScrewDrivers Administration is now built in as a core feature. This feature gets initialized when running the ScrewDrivers Database installer. Initially Domain Admins, Local Admins for the machine where the installer is run and the user running the Database installer will be Super Admins. From there you can give out permissions to other users via the Permissions tab in ScrewDrivers Administration.



There are several items to keep in mind for those upgrading from v6:

  • If you need to stage your upgrade into smaller steps the first step will be to upgrade your Print Server agents first. v7 Session Agents cannot communicate over non-TLS connections to the older Print Server agent. If you are using v6 Proxy agents they should be upgraded to the v7 Connector next. After that you may upgrade your DB and Session Agents to v7 as you can.

  • To upgrade your DB you will need to run once (and only once) the new ScrewDriversDatabase installer. This will handle updating the DB schema to support the new features. Note: This will also introduce the new authorization data into the database. The new ScrewDrivers Administration settings application by default can only be run by Domain Admins and Local Admins from the machine where the ScrewDriversDatabase installer was run as well as the user who ran the installer. Any additional users will need to be added from within the Administration application.

  • ScrewDrivers and Scanning clients are both forward and backward compatible between v6 and v7 servers however this is with current settings only. The backing registry locations for settings have been moved and a v6 client that downloads a v7 plugin via auto client update cannot place settings where the v7 plugin expects them and vice versa. To get full functionality you will need to upgrade clients to v7.

Product Refocus

New Features and Enhancements

  • ScrewDrivers Enterprise has a new printing feature: Hold and Release. This allows a print job to be held in our database until the User releases the job to the printer. If you would like to use this new feature, Support may need to update your Enterprise license.

  • ScrewDrivers properly supports Microsoft Azure cloud based SQL servers.

  • ScrewDrivers Notify Tray. This application runs at logon for all session agents and can receive important and informational messages from any ScrewDrivers component.

  • ScrewDrivers Direct now supports a delete printer on disconnect option.

  • ScrewDrivers Direct has improved Driver INF processing.

  • All installers now display a read me file when finished. Please read these notes carefully.

Improvements and Fixes

  • ScrewDrivers Administration fixed inconsistencies with assignment deletes.

  • ScrewDrivers Administration fixed a Windows Authentication bug.

  • ScrewDrivers Administration fixed a bug with Active Directory OU restriction feature.

  • ScrewDrivers Administration About window properly displays version and license information.

  • ScrewDrivers Administration splash screen is now non-modal and does not block all windows.

  • ScrewDrivers Administration fixed a bug that could hang Administration indefinitely when trying to contact a v6 Print Server. This is still not supported due to security changes in socket communications.

  • ScrewDrivers session agents will build printers and scanners even if no configuration object is defined. Default values will be used.

  • ScrewDrivers session agents fixed bugs regarding setting the default printer.

  • ScrewDrivers Cloud Connector UI eliminated unused ports. When installed, correct firewall rules are added.

  • ScrewDrivers Scanning Client now sends the correct list of scanners to the server.

  • ScrewDrivers Database Connection fixed a bug where the old database driver was specified and resulted in non-secure communications to the SQL database.

  • ScrewDrivers Print Job Reporting now reports accurate job size for all print jobs.

  • A permissions issue for the %ProgramData%\Tricerat folder has been fixed in all installers.

  • All installers now cleanup files that were previously left behind by Microsoft pre-requisite installers.

  • All installers now hide all SQL/User password information from any install generated log.

  • Updated Client and Server to support latest VMware PCoIP protocol.

  • Other minor updates, fixes and logging improvements.

Known Issues

  • We no longer support the deployment of a v6 style Simplify Console in the Pro/Enterprise installer.

  • If there is a single Profile defined for ScrewDrivers Scanning, it will not be applied properly until you click the pulldown for Profile: and click the single name - It then properly applies the profile settings. This will be addressed in a future version.

  • If the ScrewDrivers Administration active tab is Reporting, the report viewer will hide portions of the File->Options or Help->About windows due to a technical limitation. A workaround does exist, just change to another tab view before displaying the File->Options or Help->About window. We do not expect this to be fixed in a future version.