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To add users that are not Admins to the console, use the Authorization Manager snap in of the MMC.

  1. Start MMCRun azman.msc
    1. Additionally, you can start MMC and Add the Authorization Manager snap-in.
  2. Go to Action > Action -> Open Authorization Store…
  3. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Tricerat\Simplify Suite\Simplify Console
  4. Open the SimplifySuiteAS.xml file.

Initially, there is just one role that is defined, the Administrator role. Use the MMC snap in to create a new role and assign the necessary users. Each role can have Once opened, you can review the few basic, pre-created role definitions like Administrator, Assign Printers, and View Console Only that may be useful.  Or you can start creating your own and with each new role having any number of default user tasks based on the different roles .  There There is no limit on the number of different roles that can be assigned, allowing for the granularity of control desired.

You can read more about Authorization Manager here: 

titleBest Practice
Make sure your current account and any Domain Admin groups are members of the Administrator role definition!


  1. Start Tricerat Simplify Console.
  2. Go to Tools > Tools -> Options.
  3. Under Simplify Console, highlight Security.
  4. Check the Enable use of Authorization Manager and point to the same SimplifySuiteAS.xml file that was modified above.
  5. Test to verify desired operation.