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This article contains general information about database requirements for Simplify Suite and also describes the required permissions for Microsoft SQL Server for proper installation and operation of Simplify Suite.


  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019

Tricerat supports both full SQL Server and SQL Server Express as database platforms.


During the creation of the database, permission to use the database and execute stored procedures is granted to all authenticated users via the GRANT EXECUTE TO [NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users] SQL command.

This is so SQL Server stored procedures installed in the database can execute without disruption or error.


During Simplify Suite installations on satellite machines when the destination database already exists, important checks are performed to make sure the database conforms to the minimum database version schema level for the Simplify Suite version being installed.

Co-Requisite Database Updates Required During Tricerat Version Upgrades

When Simplify Suite has been installed on one or more machines, subsequent installation of a more recent version of Simplify Suite on a machine where Simplify Suite has been installed previously can potentially trigger updates to the destination database version schema version level.

This is an important way Tricerat can deliver database schema changes to customers.

 Image Removed   RULE:  If Simplify Suite v6.6 has been deployed to a customer environment, installing Simplify Suite v6.7 (or later) requires all machines to be updated nearly simultaneously.

This is because a Simplify Console (and other important Tricerat processes) running at v6.6 may not be not compatible with a Simplify Suite database running v6.7 (or later).

After evaluation and quality assurance in a controlled test environment is complete, customers should plan to deploy a new Simplify Suite version across the entire enterprise nearly simultaneously.

Least-Required Operating Privileges