AirPrint (Printing from an iOS device, or Mac to Windows printing)


Subscribed printers are not showing up as AirPrint printers to iOS devices or OS X computers.



IPP Server

On the machine hosting the printer they are trying to print to – This machine is also acting as the IPP Server and essentially appears as an AirPrint printer to the Mac or iOS device.

  • If printing from a Mac, OS X Lion (10.7) or higher is required


  • If the customer was able to print but now they no longer see the printer:

    • Verify the Agent hosting the printer is online

    • Perhaps the iP address of the iOS device has changed -> Go back into the iOS Agent and resume from background (Or log back in if necessary).  This will republish the printers using the new IP address.


  • With the customer, get the IP address of the IPP Server machine


  • Using the SPTX LogViewer, open the “_DNS” and “_IPP” log files

    • Note the IP addresses at the beginning of the log file – Does it match the IP address you obtained above?

    • is the IP recorded for the IPP server on the same domain as the iOS/OS X device?  If not then we will not display the printer in the apps.

  • When writing up a bug/support issue, please note the following:

    • IP Address of the machine (iOS device or Mac) they are printing from

    • IP Address of the machine they are printing to (IPP Server)

    • The name of the printer they are trying to print to

    • Include all logs, especially from the machine they are printing to