How to manually uninstall TX

To manually uninstall TX you need to uninstall and remove the database on the torx server  and the local stored on the client machines before installing the next version.

To uninstall Simplify printing TX Agents (including the print server):


  1. Remove Simplify printing TX from the machine though Control Panel > Uninstall A program
  2. Once Simplify Printing TX is uninstalled go to c:\program data\tricerat and Delete the Simplify printing TX folder.  Program data is a hidden folder.  You are now ready to install the new version.
  3. If the uninstall is failing (like it does with 1.3.00) do the following for a cmd prompt open as administrator:

          Sc stop triSPTXSVC

          Sc delete triSPTXSVC


         Sc stop sptxlicense

         Sc delete sptxlicense


       Sc stop trilogsvc

       Sc delete trlogsvc


       Sc stop mongodb

       Sc delete mongo db

Then after copying the .lic file to a safe location manually delete the c:\program files\tricerat\sptx folder.  You may then need to run an MSI cleaner.  You can use the one attached here. 

To Uninstall the agent from a Mac:


  1.  Uninstall the TX agent from your mac by dragging it to the trash
  2.  Remove the localstore files from  ~/Library/Application Support/triCerat


To uninstall the Simplify printing TX server:


  1. Remove Simplify printing TX Server, Simplify printing TX Central store and Simplify printing TX admin from the machine though Control Panel > Uninstall A program
  2. Deleted the Tricerat folder from under the c:\MongoDB and from c:\ProgramData