Uninstalling ScrewDrivers Server

When uninstalling a version of ScrewDrivers Server prior to v6.9.1, you may want to check the Print Spooler service for any dependencies. Uninstalling ScrewDrivers Server versions prior to v6.9.1 will hang when trying to stop the Print Spooler if there are dependent services.

In this screenshot on a typical Citrix server, you can see the Print Spooler service has a dependency named Citrix Print Manager Service.

To prevent the ScrewDrivers Server uninstall from hanging while trying to stop the Print Spooler, just locate the Citrix Print Manager Service server and stop it before running the un-install. Do this for any services listed as a dependency.

Proceed with uninstalling ScrewDrivers Services. Don’t forget to start any dependent service you stopped above, when the Print Spooler service is re-started, it will not start dependent services!

Many thanks to George from Open Doors Technology for bringing this to our attention!