Side-by-Side Install of ScrewDrivers v7 and Simplify Suite v6

For installs that are running Simplify Profiles, Simplify Desktop, or Simplify Lockdown and want to also use the latest version of ScrewDrivers, a side-by-side install is required. ScrewDrivers v7 will automatically upgrade any current installs of Simplify Suite, so this order needs to be followed for operation.

Database Considerations

When using ScrewDrivers Essentials, there is no database for printing and therefore not a concern. When using ScrewDrivers Pro or Enterprise, the recommended setup is to make a duplicate copy of the database and upgrade that second copy for use with v7. ScrewDrivers Administration v7 is used with the v7 database for printing, while Simplify Console v6 is used with the older v6 database for Profiles, Desktop, and Lockdown.

Upgrading and using a single database is possible, but requires the use of a registry setting for the Simplify Console to bypass the database version check. While basic testing has confirmed that this is possible, it has not been thoroughly tested and not the recommended configuration. Please contact Tricerat support if you have a use case that requires this.


The proper install order:

  1. Install ScrewDrivers v7

  2. Install Simplify Suite v6 with Simplify Printing unchecked


Any patches to Simplify Suite v6 can be applied as before. Upgrades to ScrewDrivers v7 will again uninstall the Suite, requiring a re-install of the Suite immediately after. Tricerat plans to include a setting in the next ScrewDrivers v7 release to improve this.