Installing ScrewDrivers Endpoint Linux Client

ScrewDrivers Endpoint Linux Client will use the ScrewDrivers virtual driver on a remote desktop to present users withe printers that are defined locally in Linux through CUPS.

This article is in progress and currently only discusses Citrix installs. VMware and Microsoft clients are also supported, and the article will soon be updated for those clients.


  1. Install remote desktop client

    1. Citrix: Install, Uninstall, and Upgrade (

  2. Download ScrewDriversClient_<version>

  3. Unzip the package to LinuxSDClientInstallation

  4. chmod +x

  5. ./

Instructions for v7.1.2 Linux client

  1. Install remote desktop client

    1. Citrix: Install, Uninstall, and Upgrade (

  2. Copy the ScrewDrivers_Linux_Installer.tar.gz archive to the client machine.

  3. Extract the contents of the archive by running the command: sudo tar -xf ScrewDrivers_Linux_Installer.tar.gz

  4. Navigate to the new created directory: cd ScrewDrivers_Linux_Installer

  5. Run the install script: ./



Logs for the linux client are automatically on, and generate in the home folder named vcsd.log and sdclient.log.

1 2 3 aparlette@AP-Linux:/$ cd ~ aparlette@AP-Linux:~$ ls *.log sdclient.log vcsd.log

If either of these logs do not appear, it is most likely due to the plugin not loading when the remote connection is initiated. If they are there but printers are not building in the remote session, copy these files and send to Tricerat Support.

Citrix Plugin Loading

Several lines need to be modified and added to the Citrix module.ini file for the plugin to load. On an Ubuntu-based install, the default location of the file is /etc/icaclient/nls/en/module.ini. The modifications are:

  1. Under the section [ICA 3.0], on the VirtualDriver line, VCSD should be appended.

  2. Under the section [ICA 3.0], add the line VCSD=on

  3. Create a section [VCSD], add the line DriverName = vcsd.dll

Example portion of module.ini file:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 [ICA 3.0] VirtualDriver = Thinwire3.0, Clipboard, ClientDrive, ClientPrinterQueue, ClientAudio, ClientComm, TWI, ZL_FONT, ZLC, ICACTL, SmartCard, UserExperience, KeyboardSync, MultiMedia, WebPageRedirection, PortForward, VDTUI, NSAP, VDWEBRTC, VCSD Thinwire3.0 = On Clipboard = On TWI = On ZLC=On ZL_FONT=On ICACTL=On SmartCard=On ClientDrive=On ClientPrinterQueue=On ClientAudio=On ClientComm=On UserExperience=On KeyboardSync=Off MultiMedia=On WebPageRedirection=On PortForward=On VDTUI=On NSAP=On VDWEBRTC=On VCSD=on [VCSD] DriverName = vcsd.dll