Silent Install Switches (v6.6.0 - v6.6.1)

This page describes the command-line parameters that can be used to install the Simplify Suite, ScrewDrivers, and other products in silent mode without a user interface.


This information is for version 6.6.0 through 6.6.1 versions.

Parameter Groups

Tricerat supports several parameter groups.  The following table shows which parameter groups apply to each product.

Parameter GroupScrewDrivers ClientSimplify SuiteScrewDrivers ServerScrewDrivers Print ServerService Based Printers
Licensing -YesYes -Yes
Features -Yes -Yes -
Database -Yes -YesYes

Basic Parameters

Applies to: All installers

/exelang <language choice code>    English = 1033, French = 1036, German = 1031, Japanese = 1041 and Spanish = 1034

/exenoui tells the installer not to display any dialogs

/qn is a MSIEXEC command line switch to tell Windows Installer to run silently

APPDIR=<fully qualified path name>  This parameter can be used to override the destination installation folder

Licensing Parameters

Applies to: Simplify Suite, ScrewDrivers Server, and Service Based Printers

For a license server:


LICENSE_PATH=<port number@FQDN of license server>  Unless there is a specific requirement the port number should be set to 6200.

LICENSE_SERVER_ADDR_PROP=<port number@FQDN of license server>  Unless there is a specific requirement the port number should be set to 6200.

For an activation code:


ACTIVATION_CODE_PROP=<ABCD-1234-EFGH-5678>  The activation code is provided to each customer by Tricerat.

Feature Parameters

Applies to: Simplify Suite and ScrewDrivers Print Server 

ADDLOCAL=<comma-delimited list of selected features>  ADDLOCAL=ALL will install all product features.

For Simplify Suite:

  • Required features for all Simplify Suite installations
    • RequiredFilesAndRegistry
    • SimplifySuite – Must be selected when any component of the Simplify Suite is desired for installation
    • Database – Installs the database components, required for all installs.
    • SimplifyLicensing – Installs the licensing feature, required for all installs.
  • Optional features
    • SimplifyConsole – Installs the management console
    • SimplifyPrinting – Install Simplify Printing
    • SimplifyProfiles – Installs Simplify Profiles
    • SimplifyDesktop – Install Simplify Desktop
    • SimplifyLockdown – Install Simplify Lockdown
    • SimplifyDriverManagement - Install Simplify Driver Management
    • DriverManagementImportTool - Install Simplify Driver Management import tool

For ScrewDrivers Print Server:

  • Optional features
    • PrintJobReporting – Installs the print job reporting feature

Database Parameters

Applies to: Simplify Suite, ScrewDrivers Print Server, and Service Based Printers


SQLSERVER_DATABASE=<SQL Server database name>

For SQL authentication:




For Windows authentication (using static or fixed credentials):


SQLSERVER_AUTHENTICATION_USERNAME=<Windows user name>, e.g. “TriceratSimplify”



For Windows authentication (using credentials of logged-on user):


Simplify Suite Example

In this example, we are installing the Simplify Printing product to the T:\Program Files\Tricerat folder.  We are using a license server and connecting to the database using SQL authentication.

SimplifySuite_6.6.0.17286_x64.exe /exelang 1033 /exenoui /qn APPDIR="T:\Program Files\Tricerat" LICENSE_MODE=LicenseServer ADDLOCAL=RequiredFilesAndRegistry,SimplifySuite,Database,SimplifyLicensing,SimplifyPrinting SQLSERVER_SERVER_PROP=SHEINECKSqlServer SQLSERVER_DATABASE=Simplify SQLSERVER_AUTHENTICATION_PROP=UserDefined SQLSERVER_AUTHENTICATION_USERNAME=sa SQLSERVER_AUTHENTICATION_PASSWORD=sapwd

ScrewDrivers Client Example

ScrewDriversClient_6.6.0.17286_x64.exe /exelang 1033 /exenoui /qn