Version 6.7.0 Release Notes

Previous Release

Version 6.7.0 was released in June 2018 and has been succeeded by newer versions.

New Features and Enhancements

  • The Simplify Driver Management console has a new printer discovery feature and a simplified, improved GUI.
  • A new feature, Simplify Cross-Platform Gateway, provides Simplify Driver Management printer support for non-Windows clients (initially macOS).

Improvements and Fixes

  • Several installer bugs were fixed.
  • Simplify Printing User Assigned Printers console is more responsive while retrieving database assignments.  Also allows column re-ordering and includes a new Swedish language translation.
  • Print Server Control Panel, Services tab, properly controls the Simplify Print Server v6 service now.
  • Improved Simplify Printing Advanced Print Feature driver compatibility.
  • Several memory leaks in the ScrewDrivers driver and driver UI were fixed.  This results in lower memory consumption by the Print Spooler service over time where ScrewDrivers/Simplify Printing is installed.
  • The ScrewDrivers client installers include both Citrix ICA re-register scripts for Administrator convenience.
  • Refresh All Printers on a print server object works properly when the Tools->Options->Object Pane "Perform Query Printers as a Background Task" is enabled/checked.
  • The ScrewDrivers Server control panel default for Printers Naming replace "on" was changed to " - " to match ScrewDrivers v4 behavior.
  • A bug which prevented Simplify Printing printers from building when using a SQL Server 2017 instance has been fixed.  Other SQL Server versions may exhibit the same issue.
  • The Suite installer allows new command line parameters to set various registry based options.  These are only enabled for silent install usage.  See Silent Install Switches (v6.7.0)

Known Issues

  • When installing on German, French, Spanish or Japanese native language operating systems, you must use the native language for the installer.  Failure to do so may compromise the un-install at a later date.  You may safely change the display language for Tricerat products after the install.
  • When users have Tricerat PDF printer assignments, their Simplify Printing session handlers may crash when disconnecting from their session.  When reconnecting, no print server printer or PDF printers will build.  Two work-arounds exist: 1. Logoff the server instead of disconnecting.  2. Remove PDF printer assignments from all users.  This bug has been fixed in the 6.8.0 release.
  • Under certain conditions, Advanced Print Features may fail due to the case sensitive comparison of printer driver DLL names.