Version 6.4.0 Release Notes

Previous Release

Version 6.4.0 was released in July 2017 and has been succeeded by newer versions.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Simplify Printing logon speed improvements
  • Simplify Printing now supports bandwidth control between terminal servers and the print server
  • Simplify Printing Advanced Print Features now has a "direct" mode that reduces the steps required to display the manufacturers printer dialog
  • Simplify Printing APF settings persist between print jobs
  • New ScrewDrivers Client installers are provided in .msi format as well as .exe format
  • New Simplify Scanning image repository support
  • ScrewDrivers server can receive client notifications for changes to the default printer, printers added and printers deleted.  This is disabled by default.
  • Simplify Console supports the import of previously denied applications

Improvements and Fixes

  • Changed 1 second timeout in Simplify Scanning to 10 seconds when contacting the client during login
  • Fixed Simplify Scanning when running VMware Horizon View environments
  • Fixed issues when reading ADMX string types
  • Fixed a ScrewDrivers Print Server issue where temporary files were not removed
  • Several default printer issues were fixed
  • Several logging related issues were fixed in driver, driver UI and port monitor components
  • The download location for auto-update plug-ins for ScrewDrivers and Simplify Scanning has been moved to the C:\ProgramData\Tricerat\Plugins folder
  • Fixed an issue in Simplify Profiles where the wrong User was used to check-out a license
  • Updated VMware support to v3.1 SDK
  • Simplify Scanning 64bit client installer now properly installs 64bit and 32bit interfaces
  • All Tricerat installers properly detect if a similar installed version and alert the user
  • Fixed an issue where the Tricerat Simplify DSN was removed during an un-install when other Tricerat installed components required the DSN
  • Fixed an issue where Simplify Profiles was leaking a handle and causing session numbers to climb
  • Simplify Desktop folders now retain position and size settings for each user
  • Simplify Desktop Run As feature now processes command line arguments correctly
  • A change was implemented to reduce the chance that Devices and Printers shows printers as "stacked" when the hardware id's are the same

Known Issues

  • When the Screwdrivers Client .MSI installer is run twice on the same machine, the user is not notified that the second attempt failed because the product is already installed
  • When Simplify Printing PDF printers are assigned to a user that also has ScrewDrivers client printers, the ScrewDrivers printers may be added using the PDF port.  A possible work-around includes eliminating the PDF printer assignment for the user.
  • When installing Tricerat products on a native German operating systems, installers fail with various errors.  This is also a suspected issue for native French, Spanish and Japanese operating systems but has not been verified.
  • Deleting the last Simplify Scanning server scan profile can result in a scanning Data Source crash for subsequent scans.  As a workaround, disable server scan profiles when no profiles are defined.
  • When using silent install command line parameters for server installers and specifying a nodelocked style license (LICENSE_MODE=LicenseActivate), incorrect data is written into the registry.  A workaround exists that requires editing the registry and changing the data after running the installer.  If you need instructions for the workaround, please Contact Tricerat Support.