Windows 7 Dynamic Virtual Channel support

Did you know that the version of Remote Desktop Protocol supported by your Windows clients is critical to successful dynamic virtual channel communications?  At a minimum, they should support v8.1 of the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

How do you check the supported RDP version?

  • Open the mstsc program

  • Right-click the program title bar and choose About.  Example:

Upgrading your RDP version

Newer Windows operating systems support RDP v8.1 or higher but Windows 7 (All Editions) clients do not.  The Windows Update mechanism will not automatically provide an update for the RDP version, you must apply these patches yourself.

Here is a link from Microsoft that discusses this issue:  We suggest you read all the available information from the Microsoft page.

For Windows 7 computers, you need to follow these steps if the supported RDP version is less than 8.1:

  1. Make sure you have applied all available important updates using the Windows Update feature

  2. Apply the KB2574819 patch: download 32bit download download 64bit patch

  3. Apply the KB2830477 patch: download 64bit patch

  4. Check the version of the supported RDP protocol using the method shown above after applying patches.