Version 6.8.1 Release Notes

Previous Release

Version 6.8.1 was released in December 2018 and has been succeeded by newer versions.


Before installing this version, your Tricerat Licensing Server must be upgraded to v5.1.0 or later!  The upgrade to v5.1.0 Tricerat Licensing Server needs to be completed before upgrading any server component to avoid license checkout issues!  See this page for upgrade instructions: Upgrading Your License Server

New Features and Enhancements

  • Simplify Suite installers now run a new program, DatabaseValidate, as a last step to verify database access and setup.
  • The Simplify Driver Management Map Management tool and the Simplify Printing User Assigned Printers tool have several performance enhancements. The display of printer information and properties has been updated.
  • Remote Print Server Proxys are identified by a combination of group name and group Id.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Several installer bugs were fixed.
  • A bug where Advanced Print Features may fail due to a case sensitive comparison of printer driver DLL names has been fixed.
  • A bug where some Simplify Printing print jobs printed incorrectly has been fixed.  If you are running the 6.8.0 release, we recommend upgrading to the 6.8.1 release.
  • The Simplify Driver Management Map Management tool, Simplify Printing User Assigned Printers tool and the Simplify Printing Print Job Viewer tool all correctly support Static Windows Authentication.
  • Several bugs were addressed for the custom owner multiple default printer assignments feature.

Known Issues

  • When installing on German, French, Spanish or Japanese native language operating systems, you must use the native language for the installer.  Failure to do so may compromise the un-install at a later date.  You may safely change the display language for Tricerat products after the install.
  • The Simplify Print Server install does not support silent install command line options; you must install interactively.
  • The Simplify User Assigned Printers Tool does not process command line arguments.