Version 6.4.1 Release Notes

Previous Release

Version 6.4.1 was released in August 2017 and has been succeeded by newer versions.

New Features and Enhancements

  • The Tricerat v4 Removal Script has been updated to include removal of port monitor entries.
  • ScrewDrivers Driver and Driver ui logs now log the correct operating system type and version.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Several installer localization issues have been corrected for non-English installs.
  • Several installer bugs were fixed.
  • An ADMX template bug was fixed.
  • A ScrewDrivers port name bug was fixed.  This bug caused printing to fail for some ScrewDrivers printers when a Simplify Printing PDF printer was assigned to the user.
  • A condition where multiple threads were created to listen for print server printer changes has been corrected.
  • A printer information bug which only affected logging output was fixed.

Known Issues

  • When installing on German, French, Spanish or Japanese native language operating systems, you must use the native language for the installer.  Failure to do so may compromise the un-install at a later date.  You may safely change the display language for Tricerat products after the install.
  • If a print job to a Tricerat PDF printer is cancelled from the Save As dialog, it still prints to a file named "oops.pdf".
  • When using silent install command line parameters for server installers and specifying a nodelocked style license (LICENSE_MODE=LicenseActivate), incorrect data is written into the registry.  A workaround exists that requires editing the registry and changing the data after running the installer.  If you need instructions for the workaround, please Contact Tricerat Support.