Connecting to a Different Database Version from Simplify Console

If the database scheme version is updated by an installer with a higher version number, previous version of the Simplify Console will no longer connect. The user will see this message:

Simplify Console
The application requires Simplify database version [x]. Connection is to version [y]. Please rectify this situation and try again. Press OK to select another ODBC data source, or Cancel to quit.

This dialog is intended to prevent access from an older Simplify Console to a newer database schema. An older version of the Simplify Console will not have the code necessary to fully utilize the updated schema, and the results could be undefined.

Version Mismatch

Tricerat strongly recommends to access the Simplify Database using the version of the Simplify Console that matches the database schema version. This version is the highest version that was installed in the environment.

The suggested use of Simplify Console is to use the newest version present in the environment. Once a new version is installed and the database is updated, do not open Simplify Console versions from servers or workstations that have not been updated. It is rare to need to connect a Simplify Console to a newer version of the database, but it is possible when necessary.

Step-by-step guide

Unsupported Operation

These steps are provided for advanced users under specific situations. Please consult with Tricerat Support if you think you need to use this setting.

In order to bypass the version check, perform the following steps in the Windows session where Simplify Console will run.

  1. Open regedit.exe

  2. Select the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\triCerat\Simplify Console

  3. Add a new REG_DWORD value named RelaxDBVersionCheck

  4. Set the value data for RelaxDBVersionCheck to 1

Once this registry value is in place, start Simplify Console. This time, a warning message appears stating that you are about to connect to a different version of the database. Clicking OK will open the Simplify Console.