Upgrading Your License Server

These procedures describe how to upgrade from a version 4.8.x or 5.0.x license server to a version 5.2.1 or later license server.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Visit the customer login page at https://system.na2.netsuite.com/app/login/secure/privatelogin.nl?c=643477 and look for the latest license server download.  Or use this direct link to the license server files on box: https://tricerat.box.com/s/oitgye5oelmuo294iajqpwzjft5le0tu
  2. Download the installer to your current license server.  We always recommend that Tricerat installers are run from the local machine without a UNC path!
  3. You will need an activation code during the install.  If you don't have your activation code at hand, you can find it by navigating to the C:\Program Files\Tricerat\Simplify Licensing folder on your license server and look for a file that has a ".lic" extension.  The base name of that file is your activation code.
  4. As a safeguard, copy your lmx-serv.cfg and any license files (*.lic), to a safe place before continuing.  These files are located in your previous install folder; typically the C:\Program Files\Tricerat\Simplify Licensing folder.
  5. Double-click the installer to execute an "in place" upgrade from your current version.  This will un-install any previous license server version installed (including any LM-X End User Tools) and then install the new version.
  6. If there are any problems starting the license server service, copy your saved files from step 4 to your install folder; typically the C:\Program Files\Tricerat\Simplify Licensing folder.  Try starting the license service again.  If issues persist, please see this page.

Known Issues:

  1. When running the installer, do not hit the Back button when the Activation Code dialog is displayed.  If the Back button is clicked, please exit the installer.  If you need to return to the previous dialog, please abort the install and then re-start the installer.  This will be fixed in a future version.
  2. Prior to v5.3.1, the license server can only be installed to the primary drive, usually the C: drive.  Specifying another drive\path will result in a non-working license service!