License Modes

This article describes the different license types that are supported in ScrewDrivers v6 and Simplify Suite v6.

New in v6

The license methods have changed from prior versions of ScrewDrivers and Simplify Suite.

A trial of Tricerat products will receive a concurrent user license with the exceptions of ScrewDrivers and Simplify Scanning which receive a nodelocked license which can be applied to a server or workstation during the installation of the software. Regardless of product after a trial of the software, the best practice from Tricerat is to install a license server and use a concurrent user license with the number of users in the system.

License Modes

Concurrent User – A concurrent user license Is a per-user license for users that are active on the system at any given time. If the peak number of users of the software exceeds the concurrent user provision, a license violation will occur. This is a common mode for environments with users logging on and off at different times through the day. A concurrent user license requires a license server.

New in v6

Concurrent User is now the preferred license type for new users of v6. However, a variety of license types are offered to adapt to different environment types and purchasing preferences.

Named User – A named user is a license that is assigned to a specific user. Named user licenses must be purchased for the number of users that use the software, and cannot be shared between users. The named users can be modified from the license console. A named user license requires a license server.


For named user licenses, usernames must be added to the Tricerat License Console. This gives administrators full control of the license process for environments that purchase for select individuals.

Node locked – This license method is a single license that is added to the product installed on a terminal server. Once activated, it cannot be moved to another server without assistance from Tricerat. This method is used by default in a trial situation, and common when all users are on terminal servers with high density of users. With a server license, all users of that server are licensed without any additional license. Since the license is applied directly to the software install, a license server is not needed in this mode.


A single activation code can have multiple activations. For example, if you purchase 5 node locked servers from Tricerat, one activation code will be delivered that can activate 5 servers. After the 5 servers have been activated, the activation key cannot be used on additional servers.

New in v6

A node locked license in v6 is the same as a per-server license in v4 and v5, which was the default license type. For most customers, an upgrade to v6 will get this same license type.

Concurrent Server – A concurrent server license is a license for a terminal server that can be reallocated dynamically. A license server maintains the concurrent server license and the list of currently activated servers. One situation this mode is useful is when servers are dynamically provisioned, such as a PVS or MCS environment. Additionally, large environments might use this mode to avoid the need to manage individual licenses on each node. A concurrent server license requires a license server.

Purchase Options

In addition to these four license modes, the licenses can be obtained on a subscription basis or perpetual license. For a perpetual license, a maintenance fee is included in the first year cost, and can then be renewed annually to access software updates and technical support. For a subscription license, the price is all-inclusive and the continued operation of the software is dependent on an active subscription. For managed service providers that use Tricerat products as a service with variable billing, usage can be tracked over time and sent to Tricerat for final billing per term.

License Server

For most license modes, a license server is required to distribute licenses to servers and desktops. This license server can be installed on any Windows computer, and must be accessible by any computer running Tricerat software (not including ScrewDrivers Client).

A license server can only contain a single license per feature. This means that a license server can host both Simplify Suite and ScrewDrivers, but it cannot host multiple license files for Simplify Suite. When licenses are added, Tricerat will update the activation code to reflect the proper number of licenses and maintenance expiration. In cases where multiple license are needed, such a multiple tenant environment, a license server should be used for each tenant to track their usage rights.

For information on administration of licenses and license servers, please see Tricerat License Installation Guide.