Remote Desktop Protocol Changes for Windows Server 2012

Tricerat ScrewDrivers and Simplify Scanning products use the virtual channel architecture to communicate between client and server endpoints.  Our products, technically called client plugins, support Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), Citrix Independent Computing Architecture protocol (ICA) and the VMware PC-over-IP protocol (PCoIP).

This article is specific to Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) only.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol Changes

Starting with Windows Server 2012, Microsoft introduced a new feature to their Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP): Dynamic Virtual Channels (DVC).  Previous RDP implementations are now known as Static Virtual Channels (SVC).

Several versions of Tricerat products support SVC and DVC.  Starting with version 6.1.1 we modified our support for DVC based on Microsoft's increased emphasis on DVC usage over SVC.  These modifications were specifically targeted at Windows Server 2012 and above.  On these operating systems, Tricerat will not attempt a SVC connection due to incompatibilities with DVC usage.  Even one attempt of a SVC connection can prevent a future DVC connection from working properly.  Once DVC connections are broken only a server reboot will correct the issue.

Windows server 2016 or above

For DVC compatibility with Windows server 2016 or above, you must have v6.9.1 or greater of Tricerat ScrewDrivers or Simplify Printing!

How does this impact Tricerat ScewDrivers Customers?

  • When migrating to Windows Server 2012 or above, you must consider what Tricerat product versions you currently have implemented and/or plan to use in your environment to ensure a smooth transition.

  • ScrewDrivers client versions are just as critical as the ScrewDrivers (or Simplify Printing) version installed on the server.  See ScrewDrivers Client Monitoring for information on how to check the ScrewDrivers client versions connecting to your servers.  See Inform End Users of ScrewDrivers Client versions that are to be deprecated for information on informing your users about client requirements (requires v6.10.1 or later on your server).

  • Client OS support for the version of Remote Desktop Protocol they support is important as well.  All clients should support RDP v8.1 or higher.  See this article regarding Windows 7 clients and how to check the supported RDP version.

Tricerat DVC compatible product versions

Client Versions

Server Versions

Client Versions

Server Versions

ScrewDrivers v4.8.2.13

ScrewDrivers or Simplify Printing v6.9.1 or greater

ScrewDrivers v6.1.0 or greater

ScrewDrivers or Simplify Printing v6.9.1 or greater

Simplify Scanning v6.2.1 or greater

Simplify Scanning v6.10.3 or greater