Fixing Tricerat Registry Permissions

V6.x installers prior to V6.1.2 did not set correct registry permissions for some Tricerat keys.  This can cause some Tricerat programs to have issues reading or modifying registry values.

Planned Fix

This is scheduled to be fixed in the 6.2.0 release. For versions prior to that, use the steps below.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Download the SetRegistryPermissions.exe for 32bit Operating Systems or 64bit Operating Systems
  2. Copy the file to the computer where Tricerat products are installed
  3. Run the SetRegistryPermissions.exe program.

    You will need Administrator credentials.

  4. The SetRegistryPermissions.exe program will create a log file at C:\ProgramData\Tricerat\Logs\SetRegistryPermissions.log, or in the same folder as SetRegistryPermissions.exe