SQL Permissions - Simplify Suite

This article describes the required permissions for SQL Server for proper installation, upgrade and operation of the Simplify Suite.

Simplify Suite Database Authentication Types

For Simplify Suite, Tricerat supports Windows authentication (preconfigured user or current user) and SQL Server authentication.

As a matter of best practices, Tricerat recommends that customers configure mixed mode authentication to allow both Windows authentication and SQL Server authentication for the widest flexibility when installing SQL server in your environment.

Microsoft SQL Server Database Versions Supported

Tricerat has confirmed compatibility between Simplify Suite v6.1 (and later) and:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019

Windows Authentication vs SQL Server Authentication

For both Windows authentication modes and SQL Server authentication mode, a SQL Server Login ID is required as a prerequisite before installing or upgrading the Simplify Suite.

Required SQL Server Login ID Example

For each user that will need to install or upgrade the Simplify Suite, a SQL Server Login ID is required.  You cannot rely on the NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users for installing/upgrading the Simplify Suite.

See the graphic below for an example of a SQL Login ID for a Windows Authentication user:

SQL Server Privileges Required – Database Creation During Installation

The first time Simplify Suite is installed in a customer’s enterprise, a database will be created during the installation process.  Customer DBA's should not pre-create the database.

For each user that will need to install Simplify Suite and create a database, a SQL Server Login ID is required.  The SQL Server Login ID requires only three privileges: dbcreator, public, and securityadmin as shown below:

During the creation of the database, permission to use the database and execute stored procedures is granted to all authenticated users via the GRANT EXECUTE TO [NT AUTHORITY\\Authenticated Users] SQL command.

If the SQL Server Login ID does not have sufficient privileges a message box is displayed and the installation will not proceed.  

The Simplify Suite installation process will check for the existence of the configured database.  If the database already exists, the database creation step is skipped.  Every time the Simplify Suite installation process is run, the database schema is updated if needed.  Customers upgrading from Simplify Suite v6.x to v6.1.2.16671 (or later) should run the upgrade process first on the same machine where it was installed originally.  The customer should use the SQL Login ID that was used during the first installation (when the database was created).

If the version upgrade requires a change to the database schema, customers will need to install the upgrade on each machine where the Simplify Console is installed.  This is because the Simplify Console uses a version check to help ensure it is compatible with the Simplify Suite database.

Running the Simplify Suite Console

Any authenticated user can run the SimplifyConsole.exe program; there are no UAC "As Administrator" requirements.  The authenticated user must have the proper SQL database permissions of public and db_datareader to open and see the configured objects and assignments.  If they wish to edit objects or assignments, they will need db_datawriter permissions as well.