Troubleshooting Issues with Advanced Print Features


When Advanced Print Features is enabled for a printer, the user will see an additional tab in the printer preferences dialog with a button to show the user interface from the manufacturer dialog. If the dialog does not display, try the following steps to resolve the problem.


  1. For Advanced Print Features to work, the printing OS and print server OS must be the same architecture type (x64 or x86). If the application server is 64-bit, the print server must also be 64-bit.

  2. Verify that the print server is running the latest release of the Print Server Agent.

  3. Verify that the Simplify Console reports the correct version number of the Print Server Agent.

    1. Open the Simplify Console.

    2. Find the printer server object in the object pane.

    3. In the properties of the object, switch to the Information tab.

    4. Find the Client Version field which reports the version number of the Print Server Agent.

    5. If the client version is incorrect, click the Refresh Server Information button.

  4. Refresh the printer information in the database.

    1. Open the Simplify Console.

    2. Find the printer object under the print server object.

    3. Click the Refresh Printer button.

  5. If the problem continues to occur, contact Tricerat Support.

    1. Collect ScrewDrivers Driver v6, ScrewDrivers Driver UI v6 and Printing Provider logs from the application server and ScrewDrivers Print Server v6 logs from the print server.

    2. Provide a list of printer names, make, model, and driver version of all printers affected by the issue.