Refreshing Print Server Printers

Simplify Printing requires information from the manufacturer printer driver on the print server to properly configure the virtual ScrewDrivers driver. This information is initially gathered when the print server is added to the Simplify Console and print server printers are imported into the Console.

There are two times where this information might change and should be refreshed:

  1. The driver on the print server is updated.

  2. The ScrewDrivers Print Server agent is updated.

A printer refresh will re-query the printer information and store the updated information in the database. This is not strictly necessary when not using cached printer information, but is necessary if that option is turned on. Tricerat always recommends this as a best practice when either condition is met.

Step-by-step guide

To refresh print server printers:

  1. Open the Simplify Console.

  2. Select the Print Server object under Printers > ScrewDrivers > v6 Print Servers.

  3. To refresh all printers on a print server, select the Refresh All Printers button on the General tab of the print server printer.

  4. To refresh a specific printer, select the printer in the tree below the print server. On the General tab of the printer, select the Refresh Printer button.