Administrator specified Certificate for Print Server usage

This is a new print server option starting with the V7.7.0 release


The Tricerat print server uses a self signed certificate that is added to the certificate store when the Pro/Enterprise installer is run. We create a Tricerat path in the certificate store and always place our self signed certificates there. The certificate specifies how clients can negotiate connections to the server and details regarding public keys and supported cipher suites. V7.7.0 uses a more secure cipher suite than previous v7 releases. For more information regarding required cipher suites see Version 7 TLS 1.2 support.

Meeting Increasing Security demands

Self signed certificates are not issued by a trusted certificate authority and are not allowed in some environments. For these environments, Administrators can specify their organization certificates be used instead of the Tricerat self signed certificate starting with the v7.7.0 release.

Specifying a different certificate

  1. Install the V7.7.0 print server agent using the Pro/Enterprise installer

  2. Open the ScrewDrivers Print Server UI where the v7.7.0 print server is installed

  3. Click the Settings page:


  4. You will see the current Security Certificate after the Security Certificate label. The default setting will be Tricerat/ScrewDriversServer.

  5. To change the current certificate, click the arrow: image-20240429-213623.png

  6. Choose the certificate store and browse and select the desired certificate

  7. Save your changes

You must re-start the print server service to enable use of the new certificate!

When the print service service re-starts, print jobs could be lost! Users logging in printer building could be affected. We suggest re-starting during a maintenance period to minimize impact to Users.

Testing your changes

  1. Your first test should be conducted using ScrewDrivers Administration. Focus the Print Server object in the Printers pane and click the Test Connection button to verify the new certificate. See:



  2. After a successful connection test, Expand the Information properties and click the Refresh Server Information button. The Client Version should be updated to 7.7.0.xxxxx.

  3. Once both steps have completed successfully, your print server is ready for a test User login to verify all assigned print server printers build properly.