Simplify Console Plug-In Fails to Load


When a patch is applied to a Simplify Console Object (SOB), newer versions of .NET are configured by default to not load modules from remote sources. If you select the properties of this file, Windows reports that the file came from an Internet source and is blocked.

In the “Managed Host” log, you will see this error message:

An attempt was made to load an assembly from a network location which would have caused the assembly to be sandboxed in previous versions of the .NET Framework. This release of the .NET Framework does not enable CAS policy by default, so this load may be dangerous. If this load is not intended to sandbox the assembly, please enable the loadFromRemoteSources switch. See for more information.


The file must be unblocked for .NET to load the module. Try the following steps:

  1. In the properties dialog for File Explorer, select the “unblock” button. Hit apply, and select properties again to verify that the file is unblocked.

  2. If the unblock button does not keep the file unblocked, you can zip the file and then unzip the file on the local drive. Windows then sees this file coming from a local source.

Example of the unblock option in recent versions of Windows
Example of the unblock option in recent versions of Windows