Inform End Users of ScrewDrivers Client versions that are to be deprecated

New with v6.10.1!

As administrators upgrade their ScrewDrivers or Simplify Printing servers clients can be left with older versions that don’t support all of the features available in the newer versions and eventually will just not work anymore. To assist administrators in finding these clients new registry entries can be added in v6.10.1 to either warn users that their client is getting old or outright deny these older clients after a certain date. Additionally any client that triggers these warnings will result in an Event Log entry with the client name and version in it.

The basic setting is to either enable client warnings or denial. The administrator can choose to trigger on v4 clients or any client that does not support auto client update (pre-v6.1). Additional options are customizing the message that the end user sees as well as the date that the older clients will be rejected by the server in client denial is chosen.


  1. Using regedit.exe select the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Tricerat\Simplify Printing\ScrewDrivers Server v6

  2. Create a REG_DWORD value of either “ClientVersionWarn” or “ClientVersionDeny”

    The value should be set to ‘1' to trigger on v4 clients or '2’ to trigger on anything before v6.1. A value of 0 is off.

  3. You may optionally create a REG_SZ value called “ClientVersionWarnMessage“ that will override the default text that is displayed to the end user if they connect with an old client.

  4. If you are using client denials you can set the date at which denials will start (end users will receive a warning prior to that date). Unless you set a date denials will start immediately. The date is set with a REG_SZ value called “ClientVersionDenyDate” and is of the format MM/DD/YYYY.

  5. Additionally with denials you can override the text of the end user message with a custom message using the “ClientVersionDenyMessage” REG_SZ value. If you embed the string “[DATE]” in the custom message it will be replaced with the value of “ClientVersionDenyDate” if set or “IMMEDIATELY” if no date has been set.


Good news! This feature is also available in v7. For step 1, use a key value of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Tricerat\ScrewDrivers\Endpoint

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