Version 6.9.0 Release Notes

Previous Release

Version 6.9.0 was released in March 2019 and has been succeeded by newer versions.


Before installing this version, your Tricerat Licensing Server must be upgraded to v5.1.0 or later!  The upgrade to v5.1.0 Tricerat Licensing Server needs to be completed before upgrading any server component to avoid license checkout issues!  See this page for upgrade instructions: Upgrading Your License Server. If you are working with the new Print Job Reporting, you will need a v5.1.1 Tricerat Licensing Server.

New Features and Enhancements

  • A new feature, Print Job Reporting, is available for monitoring print job statistics for any printer type. This new feature replaces an earlier version that focused on Tricerat print server printers.
  • Restrictive active directory display in the Simplify Console has been improved to allow restriction at any OU level.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Several installer bugs were fixed.
  • Tricerat product installers only support English user interfaces.
  • The Simplify Print Server installer properly supports silent install command line options.
  • The Simplify Driver Management Map Management tool and the Simplify Printing User Assigned Printers tool have a reduced memory footprint.
  • Simplify Printing login printer building time for some slow Active Directory environments has been decreased.
  • Our licensing 72-hour grace period is more tolerant of network related errors.
  • The print server remote proxy connection to the internal print server proxy stability has been improved.
  • Critical components of Simplify Lockdown and Simplify Profiles now have no dependence on Microsoft C++ run-time libraries.

Install Notes

  • If you have multiple Tricerat products installed on your print server and are upgrading to v6.9.0, we recommend upgrading your Simplify Print Server component first.

Known Issues

  • The Simplify User Assigned Printers Tool does not process command line arguments.
  • ScrewDrivers clients may experience a 20 second delay before print jobs start for the build.  Our Trial server and box files have been updated to the build which fixes this bug.