Version 6.10.0 Release Notes

Previous Release

Version 6.10.0 was released in July 2019 and has been succeeded by newer versions.


Before installing this version, your Tricerat Licensing Server must be upgraded to v5.1.0 or later!  The upgrade to v5.1.0 Tricerat Licensing Server needs to be completed before upgrading any server component to avoid license checkout issues!  See this page for upgrade instructions: Upgrading Your License Server

New Features and Enhancements

  • Simplify Printing is now supported on iOS and Android mobile devices using the Gateway service.
  • The Gateway service now supports secure TLS1.2 connections on port 4600.  Please note that insecure connections to port 3600 will be depreciated in a future release and older clients will be forced to upgrade to a compatible secure version.
  • Simplify Driver Management console can discover printers using IPP port scanning.
  • A new TriceratCLI.exe is included with the Suite that automates administrative functions. It currently supports refreshing print server printers with the option to delete missing printers. See this page for details: Using the Automation CLI and API
  • The Print Server Proxy supports TLS 1.2 secure sockets between proxies.
  • The remote Print Server Proxy now authenticates using Windows authorization when connecting to the internal proxy.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Several installer bugs were fixed.
  • Fixed an issue when the Simplify Console was run on a domain controller.
  • Fixed Simplify Printing default printer issues.
  • Fixed assignment issue when FQDN of server contained a '/'.
  • Fixed a Simplify Printing bug that caused Print Sever settings to be incorrect.

Known Issues

  • Denied assignments are ignored.  This will be fixed in the next release.